4:14 AM | April 10, 2015

Spring is in the air! And so is absolute and total fuckery. (◕‿◕✿)

For those of you wanting to visually protest the new change to the creator program and the removal of credit resellers by altering your displays, but don't have access to proper editing software, I'll make you one. For free.

I don't use IMVU as much as I used to, and don't buy credits as often either, but I know that to many people who use this site as a large part of their income, it is important and effects them greatly. So, since they are the ones that keep this company alive (not people in suits), I'll try to help in this small way.

So if you want one, just shoot me a message and any changes you want (i.e. different color, text, etc) and I'll get to it as soon as I can and send you a link of the image.

Please make sure the image you want for the background is set as your avatar image already. I'm not creating displays, just a cover to go over them.

Give me a while to finish them and then I'll send you a TinyPic link to the image as soon as I can. :)

12:17 AM | September 11, 2014

Thank you all that participated in my little event yesterday, happy to know that people actually read the ramblings I write on my homepage.

For those of you that had the chance to pick up all of my badges, please keep in mind that this does not mean that I am allowing people to give clues to my badges.

If you post clues to my badges that are not continuously on autogrant, I will revoke them. Please be respectful of my wishes to keep my badges as mysteries (despite the fact of this event), and take this as a fair (and only) warning.

Thank you for understanding, have a nice day and happy badge hunting!

5:47 PM | September 9, 2014

Really sorry for the unexpected delay on the promise I made for yesterday - I had a family emergency and I couldn't log on. To make up for it, I'll keep them on autogrant all day tomorrow also. :)

2:04 AM | August 28, 2014

I think I have finally grown out of this place. I have thought more about leaving lately than I ever have. And it's not for some stupid, childish reason like most do, over some twat that did them wrong or that the economy has gone to shit and they can't spend their money any more like they used to. I've lived through all of it and have lived to see another day.

I've just been distracted by new things; other games, work, photo projects, family... school. Every once in a while I'll log on, go into the shop and make a new outfit, but I won't buy it. I don't see the point anymore if I'm going to keep looking through it, find something else and want it, too.

I remember when I first joined - the less than mature reasons, just to experiment with things a 16 year old shouldn't get involved with on the internet. Holy shit, the clothing options back then.

I have been here for eight years. Not as much as a few I've met, but that's a long ass time. To get rid of any questions so far, no, I am not deleting my account. Not yet, anyway.

I'd figure I'd wait until 2016 to make it 10 years, ha!

But to make it a little interesting, I'll do something for the people that visit my page regularly for badges:

On September 8th, I will post all of my badges on my page for auto-grant. Including my bought, tradeable and riddle badges. Every. Single. One.

But, for that day only.

And please don't riddle my inbox with hate mail for putting buyable badges on auto-grant if you've already bought them.

I really don't give two shits.

It's for one day.

Get over it.

Don't be a Debbie Downer.

See you on September 8th! :D

2:04 AM | June 22, 2014

Tree of Life [Summer] is now up. Take it, ya hyenas!

7:39 PM | April 11, 2014

I can't believe I'm writing this, again, but I keep getting more and more messages about this.

No, I will not grant the Tree of Life badges for credits, trades, gifts or poetry. These badges are on autogrant during their corresponding season.

Who doesn't like free shit? Why go out of your way and waste your hard earned money (or your parents') for a fucking 20x20 image that you could get for free in just a few months? WHY? Honestly, someone tell me.

Stop being ridiculous and be patient.

3:30 PM | October 19, 2013

After four days of sheer agony after puncturing my hand with some round nose plier cutters, I'm finally off my pain medication and getting ready to go to my youngest sister's 12th birthday. I know it's typical to say this, but they do grow up so fast.

My two sisters were the reason I tried so hard my senior year. Graduating meant being able to meet them earlier than the planned age of 18 when my adoption was "open" again and I could find out where I came from. Instead, I was able to meet them when I was 17 after I'd officially graduated from high school.

I'd met my birth mother, Angela, a couple days before, but that anticipation was nothing compared to what I was feeling when I was looking around the convention center after the ceremony. I don't think I've ever felt that much excitement and fear. Excitement of being able to see them in person rather than in a photo, and the fear that they wouldn't accept me.

That fear immediately disappeared when they saw me and ran over to me for a hug. It's interesting how we can have instant bonds with some people and others have to work for our affection. Despite all of the things that have happened to my relationship with them over these past five years, whether it's my fault or not, they still continue to love me unconditionally. I keep wondering why, but I'm not complaining.

1:03 PM | July 13, 2013

Posted the Tree of Life [Summer] a month late, yikes! Sorry about that. :(

Just started classes again, and I have a really busy schedule, so I won't be on much if at all. As for display requests, due to my heavy class schedule, I won't be able to finish your orders on time. I'll try to work on them, when I can.

I've had a lot of people request my "Alfred, the traveling bunny" badge lately, and you need to give me the name of his location, "a graveyard" isn't enough. I wish badge descriptions were bigger, so I could post the hints in there instead of having to type it out each time someone asks, but oh well! Instead, I'll post it at the end of this update, so you all can refer to my homepage for the hint.

I'll try turning the badge description into a JPEG and post the text and image side by side when I have time.

I'm thinking about making an ink bottle badge to go with my "The Quill" badge to either have another poem couplet to interpret or maybe even short stories or quotes from books. I love interpreting writers' work, so I'm really happy so many people have caught onto it and have been requesting it. :D

Anyway, hope all of you are having a good summer break!

Hints to Alfred, the traveling bunny:

"The cemetery is located in a southern state, which has a rich French and Cajun culture. The city is well known for its grande Mardi Gras celebrations which thousands of people attend every year. The cemetery itself shares its name with a male character from True Blood, who has the power to communicate with the dead. If you guess it correctly on your first try, I'll send you his girlfriend Daisy as a reward!"

PLEASE do not give away the answers to my badges. It ruins the fun of the search and the point of it being a brain teaser. Anyone who gives away answers to my badges, will be revoked and will no longer be granted any of my non-autogrant badges.

Be fair, be respectful.

7:57 PM | June 17, 2013

For those of you that are waiting on DP requests, my laptop has crashed and I won't be able to finish your orders when I said I would. This does not mean that I've forgotten or thrown them out. As soon as I get my laptop back, I'll start working on them again.

According to the tech, it'll be about a week at the earliest that I'll be able to get it back. That is to say if I even get it back before I go on vacation on the 25th. If not, it'll be about two weeks before I can start working again.

I'm really sorry for the delay. :(

4:13 PM | May 31, 2013

Well, that last update seemed to get people's attention, now I'm just worried that covering it up with this one will cause another tidal wave of messages... All we can do is pray... and block.

Anyway, some new news, specifically about badge updates:

I'm thinking about retiring some of my badges that I've had for a long time and aren't very high in demand. I don't really see the point in keeping them available when so few have bought them and I'm not very proud of them.

I'm mainly talking about the four The Lost Boys badges that I made over a year ago. I got a fair amount of donations for them, but ended up having to mostly pay for them. Since having made them, I have had zero sticker sales for them. So instead of letting them collect dust, I'm planning on changing them to riddle or other donation badges.

Most of the time I hate it when badge owners change their badge images, but I just don't see the point if no one (including myself) is interested in them, except to collect. And even then, you wouldn't give a shit what they were of, would you?

So, that being said, look in the future for new badges, and I'll update the badge list with a new "Retired Badges" section soon as well.

Hope you all have a good summer!

10:22 PM | March 18, 2013

For the idiots that can't seem to notice bright red, eye catching text, I will no longer respond to messages regarding my Tree of Life badges.

Congratulations on being an illiterate retard.

1:59 PM | February 10, 2013

I really wish people would read before they send me messages.

Repost: "I will not grant any other Tree of Life badge that isn't currently on autogrant.

These badges are seasonal and therefore only available during their corresponding season. Bribing or even asking nicely will not change this, as it would be unfair to those who have asked in the past and I have said no.

For a full list of my badges and their availability, check the "Support" tab."

I've had about 10 people in the past two days ask for them. I'm starting to get a headache.

I love that people like my badges but to bribe me when all you have to do is wait a few months to get the next one for free is fucking ridiculous...

Please learn to be patient...

2:32 PM | December 26, 2012

Yay! I fixed the player on my homepage, thanks to boosmidam.

For anyone else that has been having the same problem, here's the link she gave me. :)

Happy New Year!

2:31 PM | December 22, 2012

I can't believe this year is almost over. It's so strange how it flies by. :(

If you haven't already noticed, the "Tree of Life [Winter]" is now up, so pick it up while you can!

And it seems that my YouTube audio player won't play anymore because it's "too small." Pisses me off how they changed that. But, for some reason when I look at it on the site I edit it on, it comes up just fine, so I'm wondering if it's IMVU itself?

I tried looking for something, but couldn't find any that worked. So I'm either retarded or... something. 8|

So, if anyone has some advice on how to fix it or of another easy to use audio player I can use for my page, don't hesitate to message me! My page is so quiet now. :( (Help me out with either and I might give you a mystery badge as a thank you!)

Hope you all have a good holiday and a Happy New Year!

1:59 PM | November 25, 2012

Hey, guys!

I've been away due to some family issues, there's been a lot, so I've been away for a while trying to deal with them all without adding all of the tension that IMVU adds. I won't go into details, but thank you to those that have kept me in their thoughts and prayers. I know this will all turn out better in the end, no matter what happens. Everything happens for a reason.

Some positive things have happened, though! For one, I got a new car. A 2012 Honda Pilot EX! It's black with leather seats. Really amazing, but it's a mini gas guzzler. Thankfully, I don't drive too much.

My dad was a little concerned it might be too big, because I was used to driving my little 2003 Toyota Camry, but I proved him wrong. HA!

I kinda miss my Camry, I've had it since high school. It's so strange how we get attached to things like that.

But, I'm sure it's found a new owner (even though they won't be as awesome as me).

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, toodles!

9:46 AM | September 22, 2012

Hello, Fall!

The Tree of Life [Fall] is now on autogrant for those of you who have been waiting. And as a heads up for those of you asking, I will not grant any other Tree of Life badge that isn't currently on autogrant. These badges are seasonal and therefore only available during their corresponding season.

Bribing or even asking nicely will not change this, as it would be unfair to those who have asked in the past and I have said no.

For a full list of my badges and their availability, check the "Support" tab.

2:43 PM | July 15, 2012

It's been a while!

First off, I want to address new and old badges:

The Lost Boys badges are now all submitted and I've sent them to almost all of the people that donated. I was an idiot and accidentally deleted the post listing all of the people who had donated, so I had to go by memory... I had them listed on my computer, but lost them when I had to get my computer replaced.

So, if you donated to The Lost Boys badge series and didn't get all of them, message me! I'd be happy to send them over.

I have two new badges available as well: The Corset and Size doesn't matter. Since I had this homepage layout made before I started making badges, I don't have a badge section, so to keep track on my homepage of my badges, I'll be making a list of all of mine in my Support tab.

Keep in mind, just because a badge isn't listed, doesn't mean I don't own it. ;) So if you think I own a mystery badge, but aren't sure, message me!

While I'm still in the subject of badges... NO, I will not send you the entire set of the Tree of Life badges! These badges are seasonal. Meaning, you cannot acquire these badges until their appropriate season.

I will release the Fall badge again on September 22.

5:45 PM | March 29, 2012

Phew, it's been one crazy month!

I've been on break this past week and I've spent the last three days cleaning my bedroom to be able to move a sofa next to my window, since my ten year old papasan decided to finally die (RIP).

But, being the miniature giant that I am, I had to get a love seat rather than a regular chair since my limbs would dangle precariously off the end of the arm rest.

I'm hoping to get started tomorrow on my bathroom after my dad's retirement party.

Can't believe that's already here; it feels so surreal, thinking that my dad won't be up at 6:30 downstairs making breakfast every morning like he has been for the past 30+ years working as a judge.

My mom retired this past year and I still haven't gotten used to her being home all the time.

But, I'm happy that they can do that, especially in this economy and they can go out and enjoy things together before they aren't able to anymore.

We're trying to decide where we want to go for our summer family vacation and she's rooting for Hawaii. I said that'd be a perfect romantic vacation for her and my dad for their first year being retired together, but I don't know if they'll do it. My parents are unrelentingly unselfish, even if they've deserved a good week (or month) away from their needy children. LOL

But, we'll see. I'd love to go to Ireland again, but that'd be redundant since we went last year. Kind of in a tropical mood, so maybe somewhere like Jamaica. My dad has been wanting to go to Australia for some time, but we'd have to wait until the Fall or Winter since they're in the lower hemisphere. Plus, being stuck on a plane for 22+ hours next to some mess doesn't sound all too appealing to any of us.

But, then again, Alaska would be fantastic, too, or Florida. Who knows! I don't really care where we go as long as we go somewhere.

But, in other news...

Two out of four of The Lost Boys badges are now submitted and I have 54K of donations so far out of the 200K to submit both of the 1 x 2 badges (I'll be creating them during the next sale).

The 10K Deal is still in effect, so you can still get all four if you donate 10K, just be sure to leave me a message if you decide to do so.

Thank you!

8:43 PM | February 29, 2012

"The Lost Boys" badge series donation stickers are officially completed and available for purchase in my catalog! Finally!

All four are 8K each, and the price is non-negotiable, nor are they tradeable, since I have many other badges I want to create.

If you are are confused about which badges are a part of the series, just search "TLB" in the search engine for my catalog and they'll pop up.

I'll try to post one of them during the next sale, but no promises since I want to post a few others I've been trying to post for some time.

So exciting. :D

6:32 PM | February 20, 2012

Been a while, aye? Just a few updates.

During the next sale, I'll be releasing at least two new badges, I'm not sure which ones, but I promise to make one for autogrant. But, there will be no link to them in the badge description, like all of my other badges that aren't for support.

So far, I have 10 badges completed and waiting to be submitted and possibly three to four others to be started.

I'm getting into themes so, being a huge fan of "The Lost Boys" movie, I'll be making a themed badge series of the movie (garlic, stake, bat kite, bottle of holy water, and possible others), along with other badge series.

So, keep checking back ever so often to see if I've posted anything new.

On another note, I'm only accepting requests for 2D displays until further notice due to catching up in school after being sick with bronchitis for almost a month. Furthermore, if you make a request, it is my choice when I will be able to work on them, since my classes come before any of my other activities, including work on here.

If you don't hear from me for about a week, don't hesitate to message me to see if I'm still working on your request. I have the memory of a goldfish and I delete old messages routinely and sometimes delete ones I need to keep.

As a reminder for those that keep asking, the "Tree of Life" badges are only available during the season that they represent, so please stop asking. If you want all of them, you have to wait until I put each of them on autogrant (yes, that means that you have to wait until next Fall to get the Fall badge, get over it).

On a lighter note, hope you're all having a great week, mine's been hectic!

12:57 PM | January 19, 2012

Keep in mind, mystery badges are meant to be a mystery.

Meaning, for all of you that I have allowed to have my mystery badges, you are supposed to keep your mouth shut about where you found them.

When you squeal and post them in your groups, you take away the fun of it being a mystery.

If I find out that you've posted a hint, link or any other information about a badge that I have to make it easier for others to find them, I WILL revoke it!

And believe me, I will find out.

Be respectful of badge owners. We DID waste 100K+ to make them.

5:20 PM | November 18, 2011

Woo! Finally off for Thanksgiving break. Everyone at school has looked dead all week, we all need some time off. Dx

I just had my first on sight shoot for one of my classes at a big restaurant downtown and it was beautiful. Great Spanish culture influenced architecture, plus the place was huge. To help visualize how big this place is, supposedly, they can host seven wedding parties there at the same time!

Hopefully, I'll have the images edited by the end of the week and up for viewing on my Facebook, so don't hesitate to check it out!

In other news, I just recently created one of the four seasons badges I'll be releasing over the next year. With each new season, I'll add a new badge. In between, I will make more (one is set up to be made soon) and add those to the repertoire. ;B

Also, I'm almost up to 10,000 visitors! Holy smokes, Batman!

For the 10K winner, I'll give an exclusive badge that only a handful of other people have and a gift off of their wishlist!

So, with all of that crap being said, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for wasting three minutes of your day to read this!


3:47 PM | October 28, 2011

Finally, the cool weather has reached Tejas! I don't do well in warm weather.

I've been extremely busy with my classes this quarter, so those of you that have requested artwork, I apologize if I've momentarily forgotten about you. Feel free to remind me if you get too impatient.

The good news, though, is that I was finally able to get CS5 installed on my Mac, so I can now go mobile with finishing things instead of hauling my ass to the desktop at home. I've finally had the chance to start a display of my own, so I'll start working on other things most likely after that.

I've also started some new badge designs which I hope to create next month. It'll be a series of four badges. Though, I haven't decided to make them mystery or not. I might have them available separately on my homepage on certain occasions, but we'll see - stay tuned!

7:45 PM | September 8, 2011


I know that this product is small, but I hate any kind of art theft, especially when it's one of my own.

I'd like to ask anyone and everyone that reads this to report the product above to take it down. Not only because it has one of my own badges (my little parfait), but also because it has numerous other badge owners' badges as well.

I understand that not all of the owners made their badges from scratch, but some (like myself) did and I don't think that it's fair for this "creator" to steal profit from it after we've spent 100K+ to make them.

So please, for the sake of actual artists here on IMVU, please take a quick moment to report it on the product page. I don't want someone else taking money for something I spent my own time to make!

Thank you.

7:14 PM | September 7, 2011

Summer's gone by fast, the weather has even changed this week. It's mostly been in the 80s all week and it's felt amazing. Even went out to the lake near our house and walked on its dry surface and got some good shots.

Hopefully I'll be able to edit those and post them on my Facebook page by the end of the week.

Speaking of photography, my class has finally started studio lighting! Pretty complicated, but I'm sure I'll catch on. I hadn't realized there was so much to it than just a few ISO and F stop changes. It's pretty amazing.

I modeled for a few people in my class and I'm praying they'll look decent (although I'm sure they won't be).

I'm also proud to announce I did my first photo shoot for payment last month and got $100 from it. It was for family, but that's the best way to start networking in this business!

We had a guest speaker last month named Roman A. Pena (owner of RAP Photo Co.) who gave us a huge insight on the world of photography and showed us some of his work, which covers every style.

I'm still not sure what kind of photography I want to focus on career wise. I want to try it all, but I want to have a focus. I've never been one to want to work for someone, but you'll never get anywhere in this business unless you start at the bottom. I've been thinking about maybe applying to a small photography studio in town, since he said that was the best place to start and get noticed, let alone you get a small dose of the field.

I think it's best for me to wait until I finish these first starter classes so I have a good knowledge of all of the equipment I'd be using, plus I need to work on my portfolio (which I need to put together still).

But anyways, I think it's time for me to stop rambling, eyes are feeling irritated after wearing my contacts all day and being blinded by the huge strobe lights in the studio.

Deuces, people. B|

6:12 PM | August 2, 2011

Hello, August!

Feels like a fucking desert outside. If I didn't sweat like a rapist every time I go outside, I might actually enjoy it a little. But, since I do... Fuck you, Nature. 8|

It sucks even more because of the fact that I'm taking my lighting class this quarter. For the first six weeks, all of our assignments are located in outdoor locations (i.e., the Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Water Gardens, etc).

I was smart and wore shorts to the zoo last week, but fuckin' A, it was hot as hell out there. I was hoping I'd get a funky tan line, because I wore fishnets, but that didn't work. :|

Aaaand, supposedly it's going to hit a high of 110°F (about 43°C) this week, so that's fun...

I like how no matter what the weather is like, we always complain about it. ("It's too cold; it's too hot; IT'S PISSIN' CATS AND DOGS OUT THERE!")

I just want nice in between fall weather - warm colors everywhere, a nice breeze, cool enough to make my skin crawl with goosebumps and the scent of spice.

God, I miss October.

7:53 AM | July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Finally home after ten days over seas. It was absolutely beautiful. I envy the people that live there.

I've made up my mind that I want to move to Ireland one day. I plan on living in a red doored flat in the middle of the city in Dublin. I love those. @_@ And fuck the price. It's goth daim beautiful. >:|

I'll be spending most of the day editing photos today, so check my Facebook either today or tomorrow to see them. I'll try to post some of the videos too, but we didn't take much.

10:12 PM | June 23, 2011

Finished both of my classes with flying colors and have a few more things to pack before I'm ready for tomorrow.

I'm so excited! I haven't been anywhere since 2008.

I'm stuffing all of my jewelry into a tiny box and shoving it into my carry on so I don't take 3048972319245092374 minutes to take it off for the security check. I hate those. 8| Makes me think twice about getting my spider bites. Dx

I'll be sending updates via Facebook and a few camera phone shots every once in a while. ;J

We got international service for my phone and my brother's, so yay! Without it, though, it's like $100+ per minute. 8|

Anyways, I won't be on for about a week or so, unless they have wi-fi at a hotel we're staying at, so don't expect me to answer any messages until next Sunday.

See you guys then!

2:30 AM | May 26, 2011

Busy, busy, busyyy!

Almost done with this quarter. It's gonna suck, but shit happens. lol

And then my family and I are off to Great Britain and Ireland! 8D

I'm so excited! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nessie'll bite my leg off and I'll get to buy a peg leg as a souvenir or something.

I wanted to stay in some creepy Bed & Breakfast, but my dad wants to stay in a proper hotel. Party Pooper. :|

All he wants to see are the cities, but that's a waste of money. I don't care about cities. I care about learning about the culture and traditions they have. Fuck seeing another cluster of skyscrapers and paved roads.

I want to see some old guy in a kilt and no underwear play the bagpipes, a small child fall into the Loch Ness and get eaten by Nessie, I WANT TO SEE A BANSHEE AND SHIT MY PANTS!

THAT'S worth the traveling costs and expenses! Not inhaling gas fumes! D8<

But, that might just be me. :J

I don't really care what we do, I just want to go somewhere. I miss traveling.

I miss being spontaneous.

On another note, I plan on making a new badge next month, so keep checking back.

I have a buyable badge here as well.

Hopefully I'll find my memory card so I can finish the design!

Later, my Gingas.

2:50 PM | May 5, 2011

Finally back from a week of cuuuurayzziness and have time to update this thang.

School is so fucking hectic. I've never seen teachers so excited to give homework.

I guess it's a good thing some dumbass tried to get me disabled. xD And yes, I know who it was. I hope they're loathing in their failure right now. :***

I can't believe it's almost Mother's Day. I forgot until yesterday. :x

I've decided I'm going to find an old picture of me and my brother from when we were little kids and refurbish it and frame it.

Figured it be nice to remind her of the good days when we weren't little nagging baishes.

(She really needs it. xD)

Tomorrow we'll be heading up to Electra to see my brother and watch my parents stuff their faces tasting barbecue at the local BBQ contest. It's so fucking redneck. xD But, I'll have a chance to take some shots, which I haven't been able to in months.

I hate not having a studio class this quarter.

When I've accumulated enough pictures, I'm going to make a photo book of Electra. Maybe it'll bring back some spotlight to it, which it needs badly. The place is overrun with drug gangs and old farts that make the police make routine check ups to make sure nobody's stolen walnuts off of their trees. 8|

But anyways, it's good to be back. :D

1:10 PM | April 24, 2011

Thank you to JDBoSS4Lyf for being my 6000th visitor! :D

Been too busy to update anything else, hopefully I'll have time soon. Dx

3:40 AM | April 4, 2011

Absolutely beautiful..

2:34 PM | March 23, 2011

Added another freebie badge.


11:15 AM | March 23, 2011

Today has been... shockingly pleasant.

Got off to a bad start:

Went to bed freaking out because my matted frames weren't perfect (an edge was slightly crooked) and couldn't fall asleep because of it. The teacher I had is so over critical and blows everything out of proportion.

SO, woke up at 5 AM today, having only two hours of sleep, showered, got dressed and ate in a slumbering stupor.

Got my equipment so I could redo them,
heart beating like the thundering hooves of a pissed off bull,
and went to class,
ONLY to find out that my teacher was no longer working there..

I feel like a bitch admitting this but.. HOLY FUCKING SHIT that is the BEST news I've ever heard.

I had a feeling it would happen, though..

Creative people don't like people controlling their projects and having a say in every single thing you do while breathing down your fucking back.

I'm really proud of the book I made, but I would have liked it more if I'd been able to do it all on my own rather than have to go through her approval.

Now I'm worried who's going to take her place. I'm hoping it's the lady that subbed for her today..


For those of you rugrats that are visiting my page for a new badge, the link is here to buy the sticker.

I've updated the design, so it looks different, but I'll be sending you the blue one and I'll change the sticker later.

YES, you have to buy that sticker in order to get the badge.

So, thank you for the support and you have yourself a mighty fucking day.

3:30 PM | March 9, 2011

Just my luck to feel creative RIGHT when my computer decides to die on me. 8|

BUT, my photo book for my Color for Digital Media is finally done and published at Blurb.com and is available for anyone to buy or to view a few sample images. I'll also be posting those photos on my Facebook when I'm able to edit them properly... Whenever that will be.

12:36 PM | March 7, 2011

My "About Me" section has finally been updated after way too long. Click the link above if you're interested in reading about boring me. :P

Still need to add pictures to my "Special" section, which I hope to do later on today.

Procrastination is killing me. x_x Thinking about getting back on my ADHD medication to fight it, but I hate the side effects. Being depressed, grumpy and irritable aren't my favorite moods. But, I don't want to get kicked out of my school for wasting time and money.


On the lighter side of things, I've started on my photo book for my color class and it looks great so far. I'm going to post it on the site later on for anyone to buy it if they'd like to. Wouldn't hurt to make a little money. :D

I'm planning on making more after the class is over. It's like the ultimate scrap booking!

I'm going to start a section in my support window for useful links people can use later on.

Also, I'll be releasing a new badge in a couple of days after I've finished with the design, so keep checking back!

2:34 PM | February 20, 2011

Just want to thank caitlyn1995 for being my 5000th visitor!

Took a while, but yay! :D

I'll try to start a contest for my 5500 visitor when I'm a little closer to it.

4:29 AM | February 18, 2011

LMAO. I love immature people. It amazes me how some idiots just can't let go and move on.

In honor of their stupidity, I made this sticker last night: Dumbass.

Enjoy! ;B

9:41 PM | February 7, 2011

I just recently deleted IMVU from my laptop. I don't plan on getting back onto the client until I've finished my current quarter classes. However, I will be checking up on the browser for messages and such to keep in contact with all of my friends and will occasionally log into my other computer for screen shots. Feel free to message me, even if you aren't a friend! :-D

The 5000th visitor contest is still in effect and I still have a little more than 100 visitors to go, so keep checking back!

Hope to talk to you all soon!

And, to compliment this update:


4:19 PM | January 13, 2011

It's sad that I know so many people that are exactly the way he described. lmao

But, he's right. :D

8:51 PM | January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and stuff! :D

I started off the year sleeping for 12 hours after finally getting home after being snowed in in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I have to admit, I had my doubts about that place when we started making plans, but the place was beautiful. Especially with all of the snow.

We rented a condo that was on a hill over looking the city. The mountains in the back made it breathtaking. Too bad Tobi wasn't able to come - I missed my doggy. Q~Q

I went to the vet on Monday to pick him up and I've never seen him so fidgety and desperate to leave that place. They had "Anal glands" checked off on the grooming list, so I guess that's why. Poor dog. 8(

But, he quickly got adjusted back at home by tearing open a perfectly new bag of Almond Joys and Reese's Cups and leaving a mess for us to clean up. :J Didn't find any of the wrappers, though. >_______>"

Last year went by so fast. But, I guess that's understandable - a lot happened. I hope 2011 is just as exciting. :J

I'm starting back at AI on the 10th. I love having time off, but I'm really excited about going back and learning some new stuff. Can't wait to see what we learn in colored photography.

I've been practicing a little bit with color the past few weeks to maybe get a head start trying to understand it more - I'll try to post some for those of you that are interested. :D

Wish I'd requested a Photography section for my layout. D;

6:36 PM | December 14, 2010

In lieu of the holidays, I've decided to do another visitor giveaway! :D

If you are my 5000 winner, you get a gift. And both of my non-requestable badges.

The rules are the same as last time

- NO I will not tell you how many I have to go until I have the 5000 visitor. Except right now, at 6:44 PM today, I currently have 4601 visitors. From here on out, I'll ignore messages about how many I have left..
- NO you can't choose which gift I get you if you win. But, I promise I won't buy you the cheapest thing on the list. xD
- If you win, I'll give you my two unrequestable badges, one being a mystery badge. BUT, if you squeal and tell all your little friends where you got it, I'll reject it. There's a reason it's called a MYSTERY badge.
- NO you can't add me so you can bookmark me. I only add people I find worth while staying in contact with, and frankly, I could care less about you. :)

Easy, right? Unless you're an illiterate ape that never passed the first grade. :J

8:51 AM | December 12, 2010

I feel really good right now. I've no idea why, though.

I have TWO more days of school left, and I'm sure I passed both of them.

Photography has been so much fun. I learned how to matte and frame my own pictures last class. :D Took over four hours to complete just three, but it was so rewarding afterward.

We don't even have a final in that class. We're basically bringing our three matted photos for critiquing and then that's it for that class.

She told us that they'll be displayed as well so business people and photographers can come in and see them. I was like, "Yes! 8D"

I can't wait to start colored photography, although I'm not sure if winter time is the best time for it, so I might change to lighting. Even though lighting is almost impossible to do in Texas, because we get so much exposure and have such big, open skies.

Eh, I'll stick to color. 8|

I've finally taken some screen shots for my next display picture and hope to start on that today. I've been wanting to make displays lately, but that requires me to open up my shop again, put up examples, blah blah blah and I don't feel like doing that. :|

SO, if you're reading this and want a display done, just send me a message and I'll tell you what I need. :D

Ciao and stuff.

8:10 PM | November 4, 2010

Voilą! New homepage, new display, new life!

Took me more than four lousy months to finish that display. Stupid procrastination. >:| But to make up for it, I made my background from scratch. :J

Anyways, I had an interesting day today. I brought up enough courage to talk to someone who I hadn't talked to in ages after a fight. It didn't go smoothly, but I'm happy that I got it over with.

It's kinda sad that some people can't get over things, though. Of course, people have differences and don't always get along, but that doesn't mean they can't have anything to do with each other.

I guess that person still has some growing up to do, especially when they've blamed me for something they were caught doing themselves today, but I wish them all the best. lol

On another note, thank god it's finally getting cold again. I think the best thing about Texas is the Fall. The smell, feel and colors everywhere you go are so wonderful. @____@ I can't wait to go out and start taking shots. So many warm colors, so little time. D8

I had a final in my photography class on Wednesday and I'm pretty confident I did well. I don't know if it's just because I'm trying harder or what, but I've done better this quarter. Not just keeping up in class, but my work has greatly improved as well.

Hmm, maybe it's just something in the air.